Passionately and Patiently Helping Kids Learn to LOVE Learning!

Passionately and patiently helping kids learn to LOVE learning!

Besides exceptional, compassionate tutoring, what makes Live Love Learn Tutoring’s holistic approach so unique?


– Convenience – We offer tutoring in-homein-school, and in-office at our convenient Sandy Springs location, just off of I-285 at Roswell Rd.

 Experience Working with Behavioral and Psychological Issues – We firmly believe that while information like psycho-educational testing, 504 plans, and IEPs are useful in understanding backgrounds, students should not be defined by their labels or diagnoses and that each one has the potential to thrive!

– Team Approach – We encourage direct communication between the tutor, the parents, teachers, and any learning specialists involved in your student’s success. Communication and the Team approach allow us to gain a more holistic understanding of how best to support your child’s learning!

 Anxiety Management Techniques – Not only do we help with academics, but we also work with students on filling their toolboxes with skills to use to manage anxiety, relieve stress, ask for help, and communicate effectively, thus increasing their confidence both in and out of school.

– Organization and Prioritization Skills (Executive Functioning) – Given the technology upon which our students now depend, we recognize that it is more important than ever to help them make conscientious decisions about planning aheadprioritizing assignments and other commitments, setting goals, and having backup ways to access assignments when websites or computers crash.  This helps our students become more academically independent, which we have found helps boost their self-esteem.

– Assistive Technology – There are so many fantastic resources available now to help students (and all lifelong learners!) with all sorts of learning challenges succeed. These options go far beyond audiobooks and voice-to-text software and are developing faster than school learning specialists can keep up. We would love to connect your student and the rest of his/her team with appropriate Assistive Technology programs to maximize learning, independence, and curiosity!

– And finally, we are PASSIONATE about helping your student succeed and find joy in doing so!